9 Conclusion

Give schools information about scientifically proven strategies to improve education. For example first of all it’s out there we should expect educators to be skilled in finding, evaluating, and utilizing that research.

There are many possible things to improve this situation between teenagers been struggle with there life and to have an opportunity to bee proud by there self and get a job or to be on a better way to stay strong and success in the future.

Currently this Congress is grappling with massive economic problems. But the enormous cost of bailing out the banks, financial institutions, the auto industry, and AIG is still less than the economic cost of just five years of dropouts in the United States “That is why I believe that the ultimate economic stimulus package is a diploma.” (Said Bob Wise, president,Alliancefor Excellent Education) A student with a diploma is the opportunity to be out of trouble but is more to the state and for the economic to see all student walking out from high school with a diploma in there hands.One solution, proposed by aTexaseducation official, is for states to voluntarily ban the hiring of high school dropouts as a way of keeping kids in school.

To alleviate the dropout crisis policymakers educators and community leaders and nonprofit organizations must work together to ensure that students have access to high quality educational experiences and resources that enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in post secondary educational institutions and the future workforce. “In addition to quality teachers and tested pedagogy, students must see the direct relevance of what they are learning in the classroom to their future understand the value of having a high school diploma at a minimum and develop the internal drive and belief that they can be successful.” (CBS News) Nothing else teachers can do is just help students and teach them that is not that hard to find your goals but to find this goal you think of is starts with the first step to never be dropout of school with out a diploma.

Even a modest increase in effective parent involvement could have as much impact as major school reforms. On the other hand many teenagers are trying there best to success in school and make there parents proud of them by helping them to stay out of trouble.


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